Tessa Bridges,Lawyer, Happily Married Wife and Mother

I was a lawyer, living in my bachelorette pad, with the job of my dreams, but I had begun to doubt I would find the love I so desired. I dated, but always knew early on that whomever it was wasn't "the one." Still, I'd linger for a while, hoping maybe something would change and I'd feel differently. It never did; I just made things worse for myself. I'm so glad I called Chantel. In those dark days, she helped me realize things I would need to let go of if I wanted to be ready for the one. It took work, but Chantel held me accountable. When he came along a few months later, I knew without a doubt that he was the one I had been waiting for and had almost started to believe didn't exist! Chantel had told me the signs and how I would know. I honestly didn't think it would be that way for me. But it was exactly like she has described. Waking up next to my best friend two years into our marriage, is better than I imagined. I am so thankful to Chantel for helping me along my journey

Tessa Bridges

Raychelle McEwan, Financial Advisor, Daughter, Engaged and Mother

I have been very successful in my career goals.  However, in my personal life I found it hard to achieve happiness and find real love. I lived my life passively consuming myself with work and deadlines. I constantly went out of my way for others, whether it be my boss, co-worker, friend, or family member I was there. I loved to make others happy. The happiness I brought them I lived vicariously through. I did not stop to get to know me, what I liked to do or what made me happy. I did this also in relationships, always looking to make my partner happy, or better at being who he was. I was always giving so much! I also was always choosing the wrong partner to give to. Chantel Anderson helped me learn to think of myself first. As easy as it sounds now, it was very difficult for me to even understand where to start. It took A LOT of patience on her part but I am really glad she stuck with me. Chantel helped me to learn to love myself. I was so detached before, so separated from myself that I had barely recognized who I was. I learned self-love, a daily practice that I am constantly working on. Now I am engaged to an amazing man who as it turns out feels joy trying to make me happy! He tells me all the time how he loves my confidence and assertiveness, both of which I did not possess before Chantel Anderson. I would not have found him if I did not learn to love myself. Thank You Chantel! ​

Raychelle McEwan

Juliana D'Costa, Entrepreneur, Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother

The first time I met Chantel, I knew something was special about her. She has an energy that wants to take care of you and it comes naturally from within her. I would call it the “motherly love”. On our initial phone call, she was so caring. Her words were loving and non-judgmental. She listened to me so carefully and took in everything I said. She was so relatable! She understood me and coached with LOVE. I never understood just how powerful self-love can be and that it’s not a one day, quick fixer-upper, it is a journey, to fall in love with yourself again and again and again.” She is truly is THE Love Doctor! A powerful woman, with a soft heart. ​ Thank you Chantel

Juliana D'Costa

Tracy Pateras, Hairstylist, Happily Married Wife and Daughter

Chantel and I have had a friendship for many years. She has always had a wisdom beyond her years. Her relationship advice was always sound. Now happily married, like many women before, I had relationship struggles. At a young age I experienced the passing  of  my father and the hurt from losing him would follow me into my relationships and life's situations. Chantel was and is for me not only a dear and trusted friend I could easily connect with but someone who I could comfortably be vulnerable with. Chantel had and still has a gift to see the bigger picture and so much more. She would guide me through complicated emotions and bad habits that didn't serve me or my happiness. Chantel is someone who can help guide you through life's struggles with compassion and care. Even then I knew she was a power house in the making! She has helped so many women along the way, I wouldn't look any further! ​ Thank you Chantel! ​

Tracy Pateras

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